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The Chiang Mai Yoga Mala for Peace and Action is a Yoga Festival that is a part of a global effort by the international yoga community dedicated to peace through practice and local action.  The Chiang Mai Yoga Mala Festival will serve to raise funds for a local children's foundation.  This Yoga Mala Festival is a collaborative effort by the Chiang Mai Yoga and Healing Arts community and will feature a variety of classes events and performances.

Yoga is all about love and relationships. It's really not just bending your body out of shape in order to achieve some health benefits. Sure, there are people who practice yoga just to reap health benefits (and to look good) but that is really shallow. As any self respecting yoga guru and practitioner will tell you, yoga is about spiritual benefits. It has got to do with spiritual connections ("love") between a man and a woman.

It's therefore not surprising that there are many similarities between your run-off-the-mill yoga teacher and seduction or pickup artist. Both emphasizes the need to be spiritual while improving one self. Think about it.

We also aim to bridge the gap between yoga and meditation with love and seduction. By merging the physical and spiritual, we will emerge as one entity (or property) and be able to receive blessings from the universe. Much of the seduction world is populated by entities which are bent to preach physicality while neglecting the need to embrace the spiritual side of seduction. In many aspects of seduction there is a strong element of spirituality - this is underlined by the emergence of spiritual hypnosis in many types of techniques on how to seduce a woman and make her fall in love spiritually and physically.

Another example of yoga-related technique used in love is one known as "fractionation" which has been adapted in the use of hypnosis-based seduction tactics. Meditation masters have known to be able to make women love them in less than 15 minutes using this technique. More details in the Yoga Blog (link above in the navigation).

God bless!

- Lisa Ong, curator of

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